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Importance of the Most Appropriate Time for Writing

Authors – similar to bacteria, fungi, all plants and animals – live up to a circadian rhythm, responding to natural clues, such as daylight. Nevertheless, only because all people share a 24-hour biological clock does not mean that we all share time for creative juices flowing. By determining our best time to write, we can regulate our schedule to increase the periods we can work most efficiently.

Arguments for Writing in the Morning

After the thorough exploration of the body rhythms, researchers have come to a conclusion that periods to perform some activities are not random or matter of individual preference. It turns out that the optimal moment to work on writing ideas is early morning. In fact, you are recommended to be working before you ate your granola, took a shower or even brushed teeth. Yes, it sounds strange, but the arguments for this point of view are convincing.

  • To begin with, as soon as we wake up we are in the mood because no one brought us down yet, and it makes it a great time for writing.
  • We enjoy our maximum of energy, since the brain area that is related to creative activity is especially dynamic during and right after sleep.
  • Surprisingly, people have more willpower before lunch. Research has demonstrated that strength of will has its own limits, and if you use it on something else – dieting, exercising, cooking – you’ll lack self-control to write something after dinner.

Arguments for Writing at Night

In spite of the convincing arguments for writing in the morning, many authors prefer working at night. Not simply is working before brushing teeth really terrible hygiene, but it turns your work in a race to the finish. However, writing requires thoughtful concentration on the topic. In addition, night owls think that working late at night is the perfect time since there’re no distractions. In addition, afternoons have filled their minds with inspiration, which is necessary for creative task.

It is worth mentioning that scientific studies also back up the thought of writing at night. Consistent with Ron Friedman PhD, being a little bit tired can in fact increase writer’s creativity. His argument seems to be quite valid: being creative writer usually means “thinking outside of the box” – coming up with so insane thoughts that you might dismiss them during refreshed morning working hours. For this reason, working late when human mind is tired after a long day can make creative juices flowing.

Get a New Attitude

People often say “the early bird catches the worm,” meaning that people who work in the morning are energetic and productive. In turn, people who like to sleep longer, no matter how hard they work, are always described as lazy or inactive. We believe that this is wrong and unjust. If the traditional working schedule causes problems, then you can join our team of professionals and work as a freelance essay writer within our custom writing service. Since our debut five years ago we have pulled together a strong team of writers willing to complete home assignments for customers all over the world. You can choose one of 40+ subjects to work on and write papers without ruffle or excitement. Join our team to work in your own speed and at any time of the day – be it creative morning or creative evening.

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