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Academia-Research is on the lookout for dedicated and talented academic writers willing to work on long-term projects. We offer high-paying online thesis writing jobs for experts with in-depth degrees in any field. Our platform empowers such professionals with decent pay rates and professional support throughout the project progress. If you have skill, and most importantly, a passion for research, then you are an ideal candidate! Don’t have relevant experience but well-versed in your study field? Feel free to send us your application as well.

As the flagship company in academic writing, we receive dozens of thesis writing jobs a day. This allows you to select among different fields and topics and take up ones you’re most comfortable with. More than that, you’re not limited to thesis writing work only. If you thrive in completing essays or other types of academic papers, you also have an opportunity to earn a good income by doing what you love most.


Here’re a few benefits you need to know about before you apply for thesis writing jobs on our platform.

  • All jobs are pre-paid

Before you pick up a job, you’ll be able to view its price. No changes to the initially stated price will be applied.

  • Only screened jobs

We ensure that all jobs are hand-verified before our freelancers get to see them. Theses are the most high-paying works, so we ensure that everything goes as planned.

  • Work on any writing job you find interesting

View all topics and assignment types and pick up those relevant to your field and experience.

  • Create your own schedule

Before you pick up a job, you’ll be able to see when it’s due. Build your own schedule and work according to it.

  • Chat with customers directly

When you do writing for freelancers job, communication with customers and the team is important. Chat with your customers directly no to miss any single detail. Our

  • Bonuses and tips

Our freelancers are rewarded according to the bonus plan and get tips from their satisfied customers.

  • Real time updates

You’ll get access to a convenient real-time platform where you can get all information you need about your current jobs, chat with our Team and your customers.

  • Regular payment for your job in thesis writing

Our writers can choose when they want to be paid (once or twice a month) as well as to which payment method.

  • Build your customer base

Deliver high-quality content consistently and get chosen as a preferred writer by your satisfied customers.


  • Have a Master’s degree in any field
  • Have a proven track record of writing academically
  • Be fluent in English
  • Ability to research complex topics
  • Understand the principles of formatting

Thesis writing for freelancers job provides you with the flexibility and freedom you’ve been looking for. Imagine no daily commuting as you can work from home or anywhere you want! To reach that kind of enlightenment you only need to fill out our form and take a writing test. We’ll be happy to have you on our team of academic writers. So don’t hesitate, your well-paid and comfortable work is waiting for you!

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