Proofreading and Copy Editing Jobs for Skillful Specialists

Are you a perfectionist? Or maybe you are a real grammar-nazi and cannot leave a misprint or a silly mistake without notice? Then online proofreading jobs should be your choice! We provide amazing job opportunities for professionals who prefer to work at home and earn money with their bright mind and perfect English skills. We provide flexible and well-paid proofreading jobs from home that will meet your personal demands and fulfill your passion for making texts perfect.

If you are willing to put a final touch on someone’s texts and make them much better – then you are more than welcome to try yourself as a proofreading professional at Academia-Research. We expect you to review papers and documents with your eagle eye, polish them, remove errors, and get them ready for publication. Once you find any spelling, style, grammar or typographical error in the text – make sure to fix or remove it. Work from home without leaving the comfort of your chair, do useful work, and the customers will appreciate it, you’ll see it for yourself!

A wide range of online proofreading jobs

Everyone who writes content needs a proofreader. Therefore, we have the never-ending flow of tasks of any kind, and you will find something that interests you for sure. We have different customers, from students and job seekers to large brands and professional writers. You may proofread any text, from a letter and a blog post to a book. Our remote proofreading jobs usually are connected with the following types of content:

  • Academic papers

Students need someone to edit their works before the submission because they want to get better grades. This is especially true for the international students with poor English. And you can help them reach perfectness!

  • Online articles/blog posts

There is a great demand for online content on the market, and the requirements to its quality grow, too. You can help small and large businesses to make their websites and blogs look much better.

  • Novels

Get a job as a proofreader from home and edit creative pieces of writing composed by talented people. You will see that the role of a proofreader who edits someone’s fiction is really important.

  • CV/Application letters

People want to make a good impression when applying for jobs, courses, colleges, etc. Your task is to increase their chances and help them bring their dreams to life!

Freelance proofreading jobs from home – the best choice for a smart editor

Our English proofreading and editing jobs online come with a wide range of benefits. We value each proofreader from our team and make sure to provide them with the best conditions possible:

  • You are the one to decide the schedule

Yes, you have an opportunity to choose how many hours a day you would like to devote to your work. This is a great chance for those who need part-time jobs!

  • You pick the orders on your own

Our online copy editing jobs are various. If you feel that editing students’ essays are your cup of tea – feel free to choose these tasks. If you are looking for an opportunity to polish a short novel – well, you are welcome. We never force proofreaders to complete tasks they are not interested in because this influences the quality of their work. Thus, you can work with paper types and topics you have a passion for.

  • You don’t need to go to the office every day

If you are a type of person who prefers comfortable sofa, a cup of tea, and a cat napping on your knees to traffic jams and noisy offices, then freelance copy editing jobs from home are what you need.

Freelance copy editing jobs from home – your chance to get significant income

We always have enough orders for our editors and proofreaders. Therefore you won’t experience a lack of tasks. And therefore – a lack of money, of course! The more works you complete, the more money you will get. Also, we provide bonuses to the most hard-working and dedicated writers and editors! If you produce high-quality content as a writer or demonstrate attentive work as an editor, your customers leave positive feedback, and your rating grows. And we reward you financially for a great job.

The payment is made two times a month. You can choose the most comfortable method individually. We always pay honest and on-time salary, so don’t worry about that!

The best jobs in copy editing are available at Academia-Research! We make sure to create comfortable and enjoyable conditions for both – our customers and editors. Become a member of our team today, and you will see how amazing it is to earn money doing something that you love!

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