What are the main reasons for me to work in your company?

You have to understand first of all that the work we offer here will broaden your mind and at the same time expand your opportunities. When you work in our company, you get the freedom of working at the time comfortable for you, from the place you want, and on the topics that you personally want to write about. Also you can easily improve your basic knowledge, and develop your personal skills of a writer, and make money on your skills! Moreover, you can get even more experience and develop your writing talents!

What are APA, Harvard and MLA formats?

Mentioned formats or styles are commonly accepted for academic written pieces such as research papers, dissertations, and term papers. The main requirements are the following: there must be margins of at least 1inch from each side of the work, the text must be double-spaced; the necessary fonts are Courier New or Times New Roman of 12-points font size, the page numbers must be placed in the right top part of the written work. Every single style needs a reference list presented on the very last page. Referencing is one of the inevitable parts of a research paper, as research calls for using a vast majority of sources, the number of which is usually mentioned by the customer. Accurate referencing helps writers to exclude plagiarism from any written work. References in the body of the text, as a rule, are usually named as inside-text citations. Such citations usually include the title and publication year, both of them must be mentioned in brackets. Such inside-text citations usually make it possible to find those sources that were used at the last page – list of cited works or reference list. All the styles have their own requirements. In general, these requirements are very common in the frameworks of publication info: title, year, name, name and place where the publishing house is situated, etc.

How can a writer avoid plagiarism?

Firstly, you may use the needed number of citations and quotes. As a writer, you can write any resource that you use for reference. Secondly, you can also use another similar phrase at any paragraph or sentence to keep the key ideas which were presented in the source you’ve used. Another way to avoid plagiarism is to replace words with synonyms in case you want to save the main idea approximately unchanged.

What kind of sources can a writer use?

Any sources may be used: whether these are paper pages or pages in the Internet. You may look through or download source materials from libraries, journals, and other publications. In case the customer requires some specific sources, you have to use the mentioned sources when conducting a research or writing essays. Remember, the text you write cannot be just downloaded from the Internet, you can only use the sources.

What number of written pages is necessary?

The approximate amount of pages for every written essay ranges from one to fifty.

What are the time limits?

Any deadline is exclusive for each writer and it can be viewed in the details to every single order. It stands for the appointed time or the certain day till which the written work have be prepared and sent to a certain customer. IT IS NOT THE TIME BY WHICH THE ORDER SHOULD BE SUBMITTED BY THE CUSTOMER. The writer can sometimes ask for extending the time-limit for the submission of essay. In case you realize the extension is really necessary, you have to contact us as soon as possible to make a request for some extra time.

What is the salary?

We provide regular payments to our assigned writers ranging from $5 up to $20 per one page.

What is the process of taking and submitting the order?

All the writers here have a personal access to our online writers’ panel where they can view all active orders and take one of them by clicking on “get order”. When a writer wants to submit a completed paper, he/she has to go to “current orders” page and click “upload”.

How does the company guarantee payments on a regular basis?

At the current moment, our company cooperates with over 2,000 writers. As each of them has showed real dedication to what he\she does, regular hard work and according to it we find it necessary to provide payments strictly on time. As a rule, payments take place either every month or every two months, depending on the means of payment that the writer has defined in his\her signup options.

How many years has Academia-Research been offering and rendering writing services?

Academia- Research has been working for 5 years in the industry, though our members of administration have been involved in freelance writing job much earlier. All of them have created a vast majority of academic texts, including various essays on broad-ranging topics.

How do E-Gold and PayPal work?

We use the fastest and easiest methods of payment which are E-Gold and PayPal. Just register on the corresponding E-Gold or PayPal websites to present us with your e-mail, name and last name which you used when registered with Paypal, or your account number for E-Gold if you have them.

How does the online system work?

These are the main principles of how our online system works:

  1. Let us start with defining the terms and abbreviations:
    “CPP” stands for cost per page
    “Total price” stands for CPP multiplied with the number of written work pages
    “Deadline” is the latest time when the completed paper must be sent to the client
    “Messages” stands for number of messages sent by either the customer, admin or writers concerning the order execution
    “Style” means paper format that must be used for creating the specific piece of writing (MLA, APA etc., see format tips link on index page)
    “Pages” stands for the number of written pages (near 250 words per one page)
    “Sources” is the number of sources used to support your paper
    “Files” means number of the files downloaded by a customer to inform a writer about the details of an order
  2. When your test is approved, your account is automatically activated and you receive the access to personal writer’s online panel. In case you want to view available orders, you should login on the main page and click on the button ‘available orders’. To receive the listed order’s specifications, you should click on the ‘view and get’ button on the left side of the panel. The orders page will show you the required details and instructions, messages and uploaded files sent by customer. To receive an order, click ‘get order’ button and wait for the confirmation message sent to you by e-mail. You may launch the order execution process only after you received a confirmation letter!
  3. The completed orders must be uploaded online and – what is also extremely important – in proper time! To upload an order, you should login and click ‘current orders’. After that, find the completed order in the presented list and click ‘browse’ to view the paper on your display. After that, click ‘upload’. The last step is to click ‘completed orders’ to check whether an order has been successfully uploaded.
  4. We also insist on your writing titles for completed orders containing no more than 8 characters. That is also important because long titles, as we have recently find out, cause some problems or misunderstandings when you try to upload the orders and sometimes when customers are trying to download them. The absolute limit for the length of titles is 16 characters. In case you violate this limitation, the customer will not be able to download the order. Please take this into account, as your work’s result sometimes depends on small details which are better to be kept in mind.
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