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June 23rd, 2017

How Much Do Freelance Writers Make Cumulatively

Most companies offer some of the most enticing freelance writing rates to their writers while other writing companies tend to pay low to their freelance writers. Some factors may affect the amount to be paid to the freelance writers. Some of those factors include the level of study, the complexity of the paper, and its […]

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Posted: Steve in: Career in Writing
December 8th, 2014
Become a better writer

How to Become a Better Writer Today?  

Believe it or not, but today almost everyone can be considered a writer. Not a professional wordsmith, no, rather an amateur scribbler having to cope with certain written duties and routines during the day. Nowadays, kids and students produce tons of SMS, blog posts and twitts. Office experts deal with copious amounts of emails and […]

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January 20th, 2014

Disputed Order

Silence in the courtroom! The order is disputed How are the disputes usually resolved? This question is essential for every writer, because one can never foresee all the possible reasons for disputes. But we all want to prevent disputes; so, here we go. A person who places an order always knows what he or she […]

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