Copywriting Jobs: Proofreading Specialists Needed

Few people know that behind every great writer there is a great editor.
Have you ever read an iconic novel On The Road by Jack Kerouac? It’s an excellent piece of an American literature. But do you know the story behind HOW it was published?
The fact is that the novel is actually written on a 120-foot roll of teletype paper. Without punctuation marks, paragraph margins, and with numerous mistakes. The legend has it that many publishing houses refused in setting forth the work until Viking Press gave it the green light.
Kerouac’s story is brilliant… but back than it has been completely impossible-to-read. It is the editor who made the novel look just like we admire it now – the masterpiece.

What’s in common between a novel writer and a journalist?

The answer is:
Their manuscripts are constantly proofread before publishing and printing.
As long as there would be writers, there would be editors and proofreaders. Right now Academia-Research (the leader in providing creative writing services) offers editing jobs for everyone interested. Feel like making any piece of writing ideal? Then start a freelance proofreading career to generate additional incomes right now. Work in the comfort of your own apartment and earn x2!

Proofreading jobs from home – The choice of a pro

You choose your own schedule.
You complete those orders you pick up on your own.
You work only with those topics that are interesting to you, personally.
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Now here are a couple of expert hints on making your editing efforts more effective. Ready for the goodies?
Here they are!

A step-by-step proofreading guideline: 5+1 key-points

The following manual will be useful for you because all experienced proofreaders use it all the time.
1 – DRAW UP A CHECKLIST. Decide what aspects of the work at hand you are going to deal with. Grammar? Spelling? Punctuation? Stylistics? Get it all on the list and keep your thoughts together.
2 – DRAW UP A CHECK-LIST OF FACTS AND TERMS. You have to make sure that the writer hasn’t made mistakes regarding the use of terminology. Misinterpreting of facts has no place in writing of any sort.
3 – READ OUT LOUD. Do it to spot various minor mistakes, such as repetition of words or typos.
4 – READ THE TEXT BACKWORDS. After hours of editing our brain automatically starts omitting incorrect phrases or “skips them on purpose”. Using this technique will restart it back to normal.
5 – WATCH FOR REFERENCES. Make sure the writer applied the correct variant of the APA or MLA, or any other writing format.
6 – APPLY NUMEROUS EDITS. Experts agree that good copy is a copy proofread at least three times.
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