Creative Writing Jobs for People with Skills

As a matter of fact…

There are many ways to carry out your creative writing talents, skills, and ideas. You can write articles, short novels, blog posts, and even poems. Moreover, you can go for creative writing jobs at Academia-Research where you can work on many topics and deal with miscellaneous types of writing tasks.

Do you have the passion for writing?

Do you want to produce content that IS actually significant?

Do you want to earn additional money on your own time?

Then our online writing agency is exactly what you need!

Creative writing. What is it?

In a broader meaning of the term, creative writing implies the production of original compositions and informative pieces on a specific topic/purpose.

And this is what creative writing jobs at our agency are meant for. Just pick up the type of work and a theme you like and materialize your ideas and thoughts into life. Do it and your efforts will be rewarded. Financially.

Creative writing workshops – 5 Tips to get it started

All in all, our writer can have any of the 4 levels: General, Advanced, Premium, and First Class. The better your writing is, the higher level you have and… the higher wages you earn.

To tell you the truth, we are interested in you as a high-level expert. Therefore, we frequently run creative writing workshops to increase the proficiency level of our specialists. To start with, here are 5 effective hints on how to receive a higher initial level after you finalize the entry test:

  • Get Your Ducks In A Row And Prepare. Take your time. You have 2 weeks to hand in a brilliant test work and receive a higher level afterwards. So get your thoughts together, rally your wits and start projecting.
  • Brainstorming Is Key. Great writers think through every feature of their future work very, VERY well. So get a list (an outline) of what you are going to write about.
  • Give A Catchy Title And The First Paragraph. These are two main hooks that grab readers’ attention and make them reading your piece further. You DO want to introduce something engaging and captivating here.
  • Follow The Instructions. As a rule, there are instructions to every task you take to complete. Those writers who fulfill them all obtain the highest salaries (up to $20 per page).
  • Self-Edit Yourself And Do The Proofreading. When your writing is done, sleep on it. Leave it be for a couple of hours (days!) and then get back to editing it. Look for mistakes, errors, and typos. The creative writing is excellent only if it’s edited three-four times (at least).

Some people write for fun.

But Academia-Research offers you an opportunity to write for both fun and money.

Make the first step in your professional writing career – fill out the application form right now!