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We appreciate your eagerness you work with us and earn yourself money and reputation. As you can understand, we never sit still, because every day hundreds of people are in need of our services. Therefore, you will surely have enough tasks to take on and get paid for.

Our customers expect the highest quality from us so we hire only the most proficient, accomplished and skilled writers capable of meeting the demands of students from the United States, Canada, Australia, and Great Britain. Do you think you have what it takes to join our team?

Our company is known all around the world as extremely reliable, because we don’t keep our HR policy a secret. We only employ the most qualified, skillful and experienced writers, from English-speaking countries. Do you feel an urge to help students from anywhere in the world achieve new heights in education?

If so, you may find the information above really useful. Please read it very attentively before proceeding with your registration.

Writing policy

  1. You should have a "can do" positive attitude, with the mental willingness and physical/intellectual skill-sets to let you undertake various researching, writing, and/or editing projects, while multi-tasking and adhering to very strict deadlines.
  2. All the texts must be 100% original, and the author has to cite all primary/secondary sources properly. There are absolutely no exceptions! Our zero tolerance policy regarding plagiarism will result in immediate termination of your employment.
    Academia-research strongly recommends its writers NOT to use TURNITIN service for checking their papers on plagiarism. This causes customers to fail because this software saves the copy of the document and shows 100% plagiarism for the customers in case of any check by their tutors. If the writers make such a mistake and submit their orders for plagiarism check to Turnitin they will be fined because the paper can be further considered as useless.
  3. Grammar - reports should not contain grammatical or any other lexical errors associated with style, punctuation etc.
  4. Source Usage - if the sources of the paper are specified, the writer must incorporate them into the writing process; however, if the sources are not specified, the author is free to use any sources that match the particular topic. Writers can search for information: over the Internet, using the major search engines and in book reports, articles, or special literature. There are a lot of ways to find an appropriate source. Be creative!
  5. Reference Styles. MLA (Modern Language Association) is a newer system. History departments seem to be the last faculty using the old superscript system, which involves putting a little raised number that refers either to a footnote at the foot of the page, or to an endnote at the end of the paper. All other humanities departments use the MLA style. The sciences use the APA style described in the next section. The differences are only in the method of citing a text, not in quoting it.

Basically, numerous books exist, but if you are consistent and use common sense, you ought to be able to figure out what is expected and required. If not, check out these websites: for MLA style, http://www.mla.org/set_sd.htm, and for the APA, http://www.apa.org/journals/webref.html.

Important: if a customer is not satisfied with work done, you will need to revise and change the paper, or make an add-on with requested information; paper changes upon the request of the client should be made as quickly as possible. If there are too many revisions, you will be fined. Please try to satisfy the client's requirements from the start. Analyze and strictly adhere to the guidelines set forth by each customer. Write the material to exactly match each customer's particular, unique specifications, within the allotted timeframe.

Page Format

  • 12 point Times New Roman;
  • Bibliography on a separate page;
  • Double-spaced;
  • MS Word file;
  • Minimum 250 words per page;
  • One inch margin top, bottom, left, right;

We pay our contracted, freelance writers from $5 to $20 per page

* - For purposes of our company one page is equivalent to 250 words of double spaced text.
All that a potential writer must do in order to begin the process of application is to complete the sign up form, satisfactorily complete a grammar and language proficiency test, provide a few sample writings, and perform a brief works cited/references test which demonstrates the writer’s ability to understand the key differences between the many citation methods employed. Once these steps have been completed successfully, Academia-Research will then contact the applicant and approve their status as a writer.

All you have to do now is fill in the given form and go through a small test. Then you’ll send us your trial essay on the given topic and VOILA! – you’re a full-fledged writer at Academia-Research!

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