Jobs for Writers with Academic Aptitude

So, you’ve graduated with Master’s or PhD credentials but… Something is missing in your life. Is it absorbing research? Or maybe a profitable job? Academia-Research offers you both!

Our company provides jobs for writers who would like to develop their deep academic knowledge and earn money while honing freelance work capacities. The job for writers of essays and dissertations has a lot of evident and hidden benefits. Welcome to explore them!

Intellectual growth

Fortunately, Academia-Research is one of rare employers of creative freelancers who give regular but not boring tasks. Most often, online writers work in advertisement or pickup services, having little to do with intellectual discoveries. We provide you the opportunity to deal with your favorite academic field and explore related fields if you feel likely to do so.

Along with academic jobs for writers in different genres such as essays, research papers, reports, and assignments, we provide the orders for creative writing and personal documents (personal statements, biographies, CVs, etc.). It’s an unforgettable chance to experience how different people are.

Flexible work hours

Your friends will be envious for your flexibility. The only thing you will need to mind is your deadline or a set of deadlines. No office hours, no stressful meetings, no day-to-day commuting, no corporate parties. Just you and your favorite way of managing time.

Manageable workload

Our process allows for choosing orders and bidding for them. This way, you can plan your workload to earn enough without exhausting yourself. When the season is around the corner, there may be hundreds of orders on diverse topics.

Opportunities for promotion

Once again, Academia-Research is a unique employer of freelancers because our jobs for writers are not limited to fixed responsibilities. You can expand your research area and get more complex tasks at every new stage of writer’s career ladder. Your salary will also grow with every promotion.

Job for writers to develop useful skills

Yes, you can lose the notion of home time passes when you work for Academia-Research. But be careful: this business will teach you that deadlines are important and develop your ability to work fast. Our jobs for writers are also an excellent source of experience with customer service, as you will be communicating with the person who orders from you.

How to get job at Academia-Research

You will need to register by filling in the response form for writers. After that, you can proceed to taking a language test and uploading a sample paper on a given topic.

We are happy to employ talents and motivate them for self-development. Get an enriching job at Academia-Research!