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We provide a new and unfortunately still extremely rare standard of service for both our customers and our writers. We have a 24/7 support system to help sort out any problems at either end of the stick. Our company does not neglect its writers like many companies do, we value them - just as much as we value customers. After all it is their talent and hard work that keeps our customer coming back for more.

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To become one of our writers you have to register on our website by filling out the registration form, once you have done this you will receive a test essay that you will be asked to complete with a couple of days, if you pass the test you will be sent a letter of congratulations and you account will be activated. From then on...

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Freelance writing can be a truly rewarding experience. For most of the time, this is a good opportunity for people to earn money while staying at home. Sometimes, all it takes to find the best writing jobs is to scout for them using the correct resources. This means that you can actually get an opportunity while surfing online.

There are many types of freelance writing jobs available. But are you up for the challenge? To help you better understand what the different tasks are for a freelance writer let us enumerate each one of them.


For most online jobs related to writing, there is a need for you to delegate an amount of time for researching. This is true especially if you are going to work for a company that is related to scholarly article writing. Online jobs are very diverse so even writing dissertations and essays can provide you a stable income. Researching enables the writer to provide details that are accurate and reliable. If you are going to write projects for students then it is important that you only use references with a high degree of credibility.


Of course the general task for a freelance writer is to write articles. But what are the types of compositions that are useful for web companies? We can divide them into two types. The first is for the purpose of info-advertising while the second is regarded as Search Engine Optimization. The former requires you to write product and service specifications that will be published on the company’s main website. You must be very familiar with the commodities they are selling so that consumers can realize the market advantage of their products. On the other hand, an SEO principle must be executed according to how you want to increase the page views of the website. This means that you need to follow a certain technique to make Google or Yahoo identify the pages frequently.


Careers in writing won’t be complete if not for the process of proofreading. This is a special task that all writers must do no matter where they would like to work as a writer. The editing process is very crucial because it readily provides the degree of confidence of the writer to his composition. Spelling errors and grammar mistakes have no place for a quality article. You should be able to identify these errors before you submit a work for publishing.


In some cases companies would not be delighted to use a particular article. This does not necessarily mean that the essay is of poor quality. Sometimes, there are instances that an article will not fit the purpose demand of the company. Therefore, the only option for a freelance writing individual is to revise his work to make it more acceptable to the company’s standards. This is the case especially among the companies which have dynamic requirements that change very often based on their business transactions.

The benefits of online freelance writing jobs can be your best source of income. Apply now today and get that working convenience you have been looking for. Careers in writing has never been this rewarding.

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