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We provide a new and unfortunately still extremely rare standard of service for both our customers and our writers. We have a 24/7 support system to help sort out any problems at either end of the stick. Our company does not neglect its writers like many companies do, we value them - just as much as we value customers. After all it is their talent and hard work that keeps our customer coming back for more.

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How it works?
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To become one of our writers you have to register on our website by filling out the registration form, once you have done this you will receive a test essay that you will be asked to complete with a couple of days, if you pass the test you will be sent a letter of congratulations and you account will be activated. From then on...

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Tips on How to Develop as a Creative Writer

If you are reading this article, it means you probably have already browsed other articles on freelance writing available here on our website and on our blog. If this is your first visit on Academia-Research.com, then be assured you are in the right place where you can find useful information and tips on freelance writing, writing tips, how to develop a career as a creative writer, how to grow as a freelance writer, and many other topics you would be delighted to read about.

Feel free to browse our blog archive to read articles on anything freelance writing means. Our extensive article archive offers you numerous tips on freelance writing. If you are looking specifically for tips on writing, on how to become a writer, how to develop and grow a strong career as a writer, look for no more. Have a look at our blog categories, and you will find exactly what you need.

Previous articles on this blog offered our readers valuable information and tips on freelance writing. This article will offer you some other tips on how to develop your career as a writer, and what you can do to help build your writing portfolio. Here are some ideas.

Apply for intern-ships at print publications

Some of the creative writers aim higher than writing articles for online publications, they also want to write for print publications – magazines and newspapers. It is not so easy to enter the print publishing world, but not impossible either. One of the ways to get a start in the print publishing is applying for intern-ships at print publications. If you are prolific in a certain domain (science, history, politics or lifestyle for instance) and are passionate to write about it, then you should aim those magazines specializing in your favourite field. Many magazines offer intern-ships. What does a magazine intern-ship mean? A period of 3-4 months of unpaid work in the offices of a magazine. Even though it’s a volunteer work and you don’t get paid for it, the exposure to the publishing world, the experience you get, the people you meet, the connections you make are absolutely priceless. Think of an intern-ship as of an investment in your future career as a writer. You will have the chance to publish some of your works in the magazine, which will bring you a great opportunity to be seen by the readers in the printed world. And even though the magazine may not hire you once you’ve completed your internship, other magazines will be happy to see it on your resume when you apply for other writer jobs. The intern-ship information and how to apply for it is usually available on the magazines’ websites.

Get in touch with writers

Thank to the internet era, the connection between people is way easier and more convenient than it used to be 50 years ago. The same applies to best-seller writers, of course. Nowadays, technically every writer has their own website and/or blog. Feel free to get in touch with your favourite writers by the means of their websites and blogs – the knowledge and the experience you can get may be of great value. Contact writers for questions, show them your written works, follow their blogs and comment frequently on them, and there is a big chance you will get a reply from them. Many writers offer tips on their websites on how to become a writer, so look for those pages and read about it. Also, many of the writers offer contests through their websites or blogs, so enter those contests. Besides the prize itself, what is more important about these contests is the fact that you can get yourself noticed as a (beginner) writer.

So, in the end, every creative writer has his or her own path to follow. It depends entirely on you what is the path you want to follow in order to succeed as a writer. Prove determination and ambition, make use of any tool you can along the way, and the success will come.

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